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Design is a language that should merge technique and shape to solve a function. In the last decades, shape has been created and communicated with handicrafts and with mass production. Nowadays factories still exist, but the real language of production has move in digital technology. Design have to use it, not to abuse or stand […]



|Design Academy Exposition| Even if nowadays no country and no city can renounce to their Design Week, we can still focus on the most important. After I Saloni of Milano and the London Design Parade there is the Dutch Design Week, held on October at Eindhoven. At the centre of attention, there is every year […]

Designers, you have just to loose your Adobe chains

The Good Italian Design | 1945-1965 | Requiem for another Utopia Why Italian Design is so famous? What is there, behind this brand? And What was the real Good Italian Design. Creativity and beauty are the most simple explanations used to define Italian Design. But that’s only a marketing message, just an easy way to […]

|I Dis-Valori|


“…Scripta manet.” I Dis-Valori di Berlusconi, ovvero la nuova Etica Italiana. 1- Mi hanno votato, quindi quello che faccio è giusto 2- Il dialogo e il confronto sono inutili armi dialettiche da comunisti 3- La Verità è solo una bugia presentata bene 4- La donna ha valore solo in quanto segretaria di bella presenza Post-in-progress, […]