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Design 1919-1979 “Form follows function” Design is the only discipline where half of the time, half of the engagement is used to discuss and try to understand: “What design is?” “Who is a designer?” A doctor is a doctor, basically he knows he has to save people. A fireman should extinguish fires. A cook should […]

|Learning from Masters| Emotions and feeling for a particular culture can be analyzed and clustered in order to define them and recognize them. But what can we do when we want to create a new group of symbols to represent these states with 2D graphics on digital devices? The first opportunity is to do it […]

What was thought for eternity, has been overcome by time What was done for the temporany, has been changed and fed by time Design should dialogue with time, and remember the basic rules that can give birth to the “anonymous objects” analyzed by Munari. Objects are transitory materialisations of people momentary needs and actions. With […]

“Hypercorrectness is necessary in righting a wrong. Otherwise one could correct nothing.” Mao Zedong (1893-1976) dixit



Less is the more we need