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|Another End|


|Forward Thinking| Even if someone has already started saying that 2010 is not the first year of the new decade, I want to think about what is going to wait for us. But of course it is easier to list what it is going to end. 2010 – The End of: – automotive market – […]



|Out of focus| I’ve been thinking about those things you said I’ve been thinking about those things we did I’ve been thinking about those things you do I’ve been thinking about those things you made me do too I was hypnotized By your fairy eyes Like a tiger in the dark You were hungry from […]

|Giornalismo| Igor Man è il primo giornalista di cui ricordo aver imparato il nome. Leggevo i suoi editoriali su La Stampa e su Specchio dei Tempi, correva il 1997, avevo undici anni. Non so come, ma ho immediatamente subito il fascino delle sue parole. La sua foto in bianco e nero con la sigaretta in […]

|Goodbye 009|


|Up and Down| We’ve done! Ten years, the first ten years of XXI century. Yes, we hoped for something better, ten years of hedonism and irrational passions, of fear and discontent, ten years in which we went on complaining and being scared, and then we prefered not to care and think: “After all… tomorrow is […]

“That the openness to science and an extensive range of educational opportunities are very important for economic growth has now become one of the accepted basic economic truths. On top of this there is also empirical evidence that cultural and ethnic diversity and the associated tolerance required positively impact economic growth. This tolerance attracts creative […]

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955) dixit

“Ecco qualcosa di cui sentivamo proprio la mancanza!” Here something we really missed! Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) dixit