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|Europe started in Hellás| It was 2004. In that Europe discovered Greece again. In 2004 Greece won the European Football Championship. And they hosted perfectly a great session of Games of the XXVIII Olympiad. Suddenly in every newspaper you could find articles about the new Greek Renaissance, about the dynamism of this small and young […]

|Pasta Futurista| Futurists had many dreams they would have like to realize in Italy of the first XX century. First of all, they would have loved to sink Venice. And after this mission, they would have tried to erase pasta from italian diet. “Maccaroni” and “fettuccine”, in their opinion, destroyed italic virtus, and have made […]

|Le Nuvole| Like Socrates in The Clouds (Νεφέλαι / Nephelai) by Aristophane, all Europe has spent her last days in watching the sky, looking for the arrival of the pyroclastic nube from Iceland. And while our eyes were pointed up, our ears were hypnotized by misinformation produced by media that do not wait anything else […]

|De Corato e il Disprezzo| Riccardo De Corato, vice sindaco di Milano, ha combattuto, e forse anche vinto, l’ennesima battaglia a favore della stupidità della gente. Ha affermato che è un diritto dei cittadini disprezzare le “espressioni visive” che “deturpano” i muri della Grande Città Grigia. – Link Mentale – In “Miti d’oggi”, Roland Barthes […]

|iPadize| Finally iPad has arrived, after months and months of gossips, fake letters, investigation about mobbing, dramatic questions on features and application, in the A.D. 2010, Steve Jobs was able to do something as important as Jesus’ resurrection on the same day of Easter. Someone could say that Mr. Jobs did something even more important, […]