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|Design Academy – Graduation Exhibition| The Dutch Design Week was officially born as the Graduation Exhibition of the Design Academy. And still today this is the most important event of the week. The quality of project and exhibition is amazing, like every year. It’s easy to spend four hours in the space of the Witte […]



Rotterdam is a Hearthless city. Iron and concrete were cures to her burning and sad wounds. Rotterdam has lost her hearth, but tries to create a new one with her own forces. No tears, no pain or silence. Her glass and iron body still reflect the fast race of clouds in Holland sky

|Why my iPhone 4 is a BIG FAIL| Few months ago the new iPhone 4 was released, and again the launch of a new Apple product became the Event. Let analyze some interesting steps of the young life of the new iPhone 4. It was presented to the world through a smart marketing action: let […]

| Design Museum – Designers Block | The Design Museum has always some great pearl to share with visitors. This year there was something even better than the design exhibition. On the second floor a “personal” is dedicated to John Pawson, an english architect whose name does not appear so often on magazines. The presented […]

London Design Festival 2010 | 18-26 September 2010 In the meantime I was writing this post, I missed Wien and Brussels Design Week. While Design Week all over Europe are becoming “craftsmanship fair”, it would be nice to take out something interesting from the most important ones, before moving to the next touristic event. LDF […]