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Fellini & advertisement Annunci

First step: think about! Economic Crisis Social Crisis Democracy Crisis Revolution Crisis Environment Crisis Ideal Crisis Identity Crisis Everything stands still. But everything is changing. We can’t have certitude because complex mechanisms are working really fast in every corner of the world. Many issues seem to get worst, hopelessly. That’s because we desperately try to […]

In Milan stop to stare at the light blue sky over La Scala theatre spend one hour in the last afternoon for the dance of shadows in Piazza Affari walk around S.Ambrogio church, and just get lost trace the 1600 years that passed through the wall of the church And just walk by Corso Matteotti, […]

In riferimento a questo articolo. Caro dott. Ferrara, le indirizzo questa lettera nella speranza che un giorno le possa essere utile nella delicata fase di scrittura di un suo nuovo editoriale. Io la stimo molto, moltissimo, lei è così intelligente e arguto, la sua abilità nel maneggiare la lingua scritta e parlata per divulgare le […]

Time to Think


I started thinking. And that’s a problem. For every religion. Mike Daisey was a self-described “worshipper in the cult of Mac.” Then he saw some photos from a new iPhone, taken by workers at the factory where it was made. Mike wondered: Who makes all my crap? He traveled to China to find out. Article […]