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|Bunga Bunga Style| Queste donne sono splendide. Eppure la loro bellezza diventa volgare, la loro è un’eleganza sguaiata. Perché la bellezza delle donne di spettacolo deve ricordare quella delle prostitute di alto bordo dell’Est Europa? Trucchi pesanti, vestiti a metà tra haute couture e saldi Upim, gioielli come bigiotterie scadenti. Tutte perfette per certe cene […]

Between realism and cynism On Saturday 19th of February people of Internet are trying to organize some protests in support of Greek people: We are all Greeks. The leitmotiv is against corrupted governments, mean banks, nazi-Germans and the hideous politics that are killing the innocent Greek people. The Greek debt crisis is such a complex […]

Parallel lives of city mayors A brief article on this month Monocle is dedicated to Porto, the second largest city of Portugal. Its mayor explains the decisions that allowed the improvement of the city economic and social situation, in particular the redevelopment of the downtown ghetto Baixa with the EU financing aid. Mr. Rui Fernando […]

Looking without reading In few hours a lot of people shared this cover. Time decided to put Mario Monti, Italian prime minister, on the international edition, with an article about his first four months of premiership. Reactions in Italy were many and different. But mainly everyone commented the picture, but not the content of the […]



AKA: Panic Attack Here we go: Fabio Novembre design talk at the V&A Museum. Deep breath. 34 minutes. Breath again. Good God two parts?! Ok, let’s watch it. Peroni Collaborazioni Talks: Fabio Novembre part 1 from Dezeen on Vimeo. Comments soon, if I survive



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How to show labour practice How far would you go to produce fashion? Wanna feel like an Apple factory manager? Try out HERE