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Visual Use Cues Use Cues, definition: “Product characteristics that shows what the product can do, and how users can operate it” – from TU Delft IO database. Since yesterday, all my Chrome bookmarks lost their icon. And those icons were the most direct way to find the link I needed. They were a perfect visual […]

Being a blogger


Not so easy… A blog is an amazing media tool that allows everyone to publish content and shared them with the entire world. Its potential is incredible, but it does not automatically give immediate visibility. Moreover, the Internet is submerse by “communication noise”: for example all those blogs killed by their authors, which still keep […]



Between financial bubbles and dead cats I was reading this and this and this, while this news came out. So where is the link between history, economy, finance and a dead cat? It’s this: This Dutch illustration was done in 1720, and its theme is the speculation over the investments of the French Mississippi Company, […]

Gabbie di matti In Italia hanno chiuso i manicomi, e hanno spostato i loro inquilini nelle redazioni stampa. Libero da qualche mese si diverte a spararle enormi in ogni direzione, creando ondate di disinformazione e populismo che probabilmente non si vedevano dalle “veline” che i responsabili della Repubblica di Salò recapitavano al Corriere verso la […]

Io Amo Urban Ears, but… …they don’t really love Italy! Ps, those two spots are in Corsica, which belongs to France…