CIID – summer school – Pills#01


Days 1&2

Exploring city interfaces


Scenario creation

Mumbai, 2050
Sheila is the institute director of the MiT Mumbai, but today she is a running bride. She is escaping her planned wedding, and she has a plan.
With a hacked algorithm she can avoid the traffic of the busy streets of Mumbai by forecasting the patterns of movemet of people and chariots. Her mobile phone drives her with sensorial indication through vibration to step forward, backward, right or left.
She is heading towards the central market, where her real love is waiting, to ride her to the jungle on one of the last elephants survived in India. But Sheila cannot just escape: in 2050 real and digital identity are merged and tracked by a microchip placed in the left hand of everyone. The only way to stop the continuos tracking that keeps all digital account alive is to die. Or to cut away the hand. Before jumping on the elephant, bravely Sheila slices away her hand with a scimitarre. Once her digital identity is dead, together with all her digital accounts, she can start a new analog life.


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