Voyages #001


Your boss to Rome

The awkward moment has come. Your boss is going to Rome for holidays.
And even if you even don’t come from there, you feel the pressure to of the worst possible scenarios.
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
And you feel he responsibility of give wise advices and tips.
What better than an old fashioned letter?

Dear boss,
Rome is tremendously beautiful, stuffed with millions of stunning pieces of art, basically everywhere: its basically impossible to see everything.
Therefore I made a short list of my favorite and suggested places to see.

The Dolce Vita level.
Yes, Rome, as Italy, as Italians, can become a stereotype: these are those kind of places, where you could feel to be in a “Las Vegas” style city:
– Piazza di Spagna
– Fontana di Trevi
– Piazza Navona
– Piazza San Pietro

Overwhelming Romanticism.
– La terrazza del Pincio, part of the garden of Villa Borghese, with a breathtaking sight over the city
– Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, I suggest to visit it at night: when you arrive in front of the bronze gate of the Palace give a look inside the locker of the gate, there’s a surprise 🙂
– just get lost in Trastevere, entering from the Tiberina island on the river

A little bit of Culture.
– Villa Borghese, AMAZING MUSEM
– Vatican Museum, probably the biggest art collection in the world (of course it’s for the Pope)
– Ara Pacis, in the Meier’s architecture there is a stunning piece of Ancient Roman Art
– MAXXI Museum, the museum of contemporary arts designed by Zaha Hadid

Some tips:
All the places (bar, restaurants) in the center may be very expensive. You can always try to find something hidden, but it’s not so easy.
When you ask information to people consider two things: they may not talk english, and many Romans like to give wrong directions…
Don’t give money to centurions in from of Colosseum: it’s time they realize they need a real job…
Public transportation is a disaster, that’s it.

Of course there are other thousands of places worth the visits, just consider this as a short list 🙂


Fortunately, everything went well.


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