Edoardo, 1986 born
Interaction Designer

Who are you?
What do you want to become?
Tough questions.
XXI century is a endless web, in which you can find or create your own path.

Interaction Design
Many questions truble Int.D. identity too.
Design has always existed.
Before it was named Craftsmanship, and it lasted from ancient middle-east pottery until Morris & Ruskin.
Then it became Industrial, and a new world would have been created for humanity thanks to machines and factory, and that was the golden dream of Gropius, Pérriand, Castiglioni, etc etc.
And now, since industrial production has given the endless possibility to bury the world under the uselessness of made-in-china-crappy-designed-stuff, a mind shift in needed from materialism to idealism, from abundance to meaningfulness.

Interaction Design moves the focus from materials aspect of objects, to the meaning and behavior objects can create and give to people.
Objects are no more products, but instruments.
People are no more users, but actors.

The big challenge of Int.D. is the relationship with people.
Many times Int.D. projects fail because they want to oblige people to do something.
The challenge is to give people instruments that allow them new interpretation, new use.
Object for mind stimulation, mind improvement, not only life and confort luxury.
Being an Int.D. means to put your entire knowledge and personality in each project you face.
Int.D. are the new philosophers: Socrate’s maieutics “the art of giving birth”, and Descartes’ motto “cogito ergo sum” are my fundamental step points.

Is looking around, see things, understand reasons behind, being empathic with people and situation around us.
The roots of a different world are already under our feet.

Is the new language we have to deal with, and master.
Technology can be either positive or negative, its employ determines it.

Is the personal background, ideas, references, knowledge and culture.
What makes original your capability to face projects.

Being a designer has never been so challenging.


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