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Parallel lives of city mayors A brief article on this month Monocle is dedicated to Porto, the second largest city of Portugal. Its mayor explains the decisions that allowed the improvement of the city economic and social situation, in particular the redevelopment of the downtown ghetto Baixa with the EU financing aid. Mr. Rui Fernando […]

|Museo del 900|


|A museum for Modern Art| On late December 2010, Milan municipality inaugurated the city museum for Modern Art. Despite Milan was the scenario for the most important artistic movements between the end of the XIX century and WWII, it did not have yet a public space for displaying such collections and exhibitions. Museo del 900 […]



|Electric Concrete| De Witte Dame Design Academy Van Abbe Museum Onomatopee – Bleekweg



Rotterdam is a Hearthless city. Iron and concrete were cures to her burning and sad wounds. Rotterdam has lost her hearth, but tries to create a new one with her own forces. No tears, no pain or silence. Her glass and iron body still reflect the fast race of clouds in Holland sky

| Design Museum – Designers Block | The Design Museum has always some great pearl to share with visitors. This year there was something even better than the design exhibition. On the second floor a “personal” is dedicated to John Pawson, an english architect whose name does not appear so often on magazines. The presented […]

|Interiors & Style| According to me, the best answer about “What is the Style” was given by that wise woman who said: ‘When on the night cabinet there’s a lion head, and this lion head is also on the sofa, on the beds, chairs, when it’s placed on each object in the room, so that […]