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#Stereotype #Sexism #Trite No, dear American friends, not all Italians thinks that cars and women should be just hot and sexy to satisfy real man’s desires. And FIAT, we know your commercial targets in the USA are quite f*cked up…. #BigFail Fiat Ps – just a pair of comparison And some tips for Fiat to […]



Fellini & advertisement

|Learning from Masters| Emotions and feeling for a particular culture can be analyzed and clustered in order to define them and recognize them. But what can we do when we want to create a new group of symbols to represent these states with 2D graphics on digital devices? The first opportunity is to do it […]

Communism is dead Maybe for now that’s true But its lessons on the relationship between art, graphics and politcs will never go lost The red: the colour used in battles since war has been invented The star: the promise of a bright future The hammer and sickle: the isotype for all workers, from dark city […]