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Primrose & Me and my models @Foam Amsterdam This is the last week of display for two exhibition at FOAM, the most famous photography gallery of Amsterdam. describe the evolution of photography in Russia between 1860 to 1960, creating a romantic walkthrough a world that vanished two times in around 100 years. From the multy-ethnicity […]



|Late October|

Art Object is an interesting fair of art and independent design organized every year in Rotterdam. Its mainly aim is to give a commercial exposition for Dutch galleries and their artists coming from all over the world. It is wisely divided into two parts: Art is about contemporary artists, while Object is for limited production […]



|Electric Concrete| De Witte Dame Design Academy Van Abbe Museum Onomatopee – Bleekweg

|Design Academy – Graduation Exhibition| The Dutch Design Week was officially born as the Graduation Exhibition of the Design Academy. And still today this is the most important event of the week. The quality of project and exhibition is amazing, like every year. It’s easy to spend four hours in the space of the Witte […]



Rotterdam is a Hearthless city. Iron and concrete were cures to her burning and sad wounds. Rotterdam has lost her hearth, but tries to create a new one with her own forces. No tears, no pain or silence. Her glass and iron body still reflect the fast race of clouds in Holland sky

The Graphic Party Enchanting posters The Tomato Party Best media propaganda The Student Party They are nice So what to do when you can vote in the country you’ve just arrived after 9 months? Probably the best solution is not to vote, just not to vaste this opportunity with a senseless decisions. But after all […]