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13.09.2012 – PechaKucha Night @Stedelijk Museum Some links to interesting content presented by the speakers about the theme “Museum of the Future”. Home Care from thonik on Vimeo. The controversial theme of nudity on media has evolved from a form of social critic in the 60’s to a powerful and rich mean of communication. The […]



Between financial bubbles and dead cats I was reading this and this and this, while this news came out. So where is the link between history, economy, finance and a dead cat? It’s this: This Dutch illustration was done in 1720, and its theme is the speculation over the investments of the French Mississippi Company, […]



|Beware the wolves| In the last weeks a lot of articles by important newspapers, such as Wall Street Journal or Financial Times started claiming the necessity, and the positive opportunity of a dissolution of the EuroZone, and therefore the “killing” of the common currency, the Euro. The debt crisis in Europe is probably one of […]

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Take Woody Allen without big ego demanding self-satisfaction and you have GIRLS. Amazingly good.

To American citizens In few months the American citizens will vote to appoint the new President of United States. Clearly the choice will be between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. Despite these four years were not really brilliant, Mr. Obama politics of bail-outs, federal subsides, specific intervention over some economic sectors through public spending were […]

A new kind of liberalism The European governments finally agree that the only solution to the financial crisis if the reduction of national debt, achieved mainly by higher taxes and cut to welfare spendings. To keep economy competitiveness, workers have lost many rights and protections. Nowadays is common for highly qualified professionals to accept flexible […]

Between realism and cynism On Saturday 19th of February people of Internet are trying to organize some protests in support of Greek people: We are all Greeks. The leitmotiv is against corrupted governments, mean banks, nazi-Germans and the hideous politics that are killing the innocent Greek people. The Greek debt crisis is such a complex […]