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13.09.2012 – PechaKucha Night @Stedelijk Museum Some links to interesting content presented by the speakers about the theme “Museum of the Future”. Home Care from thonik on Vimeo. The controversial theme of nudity on media has evolved from a form of social critic in the 60’s to a powerful and rich mean of communication. The […]

Between realism and cynism On Saturday 19th of February people of Internet are trying to organize some protests in support of Greek people: We are all Greeks. The leitmotiv is against corrupted governments, mean banks, nazi-Germans and the hideous politics that are killing the innocent Greek people. The Greek debt crisis is such a complex […]



How to show labour practice How far would you go to produce fashion? Wanna feel like an Apple factory manager? Try out HERE

#Stereotype #Sexism #Trite No, dear American friends, not all Italians thinks that cars and women should be just hot and sexy to satisfy real man’s desires. And FIAT, we know your commercial targets in the USA are quite f*cked up…. #BigFail Fiat Ps – just a pair of comparison And some tips for Fiat to […]

We can do it We know how to do it We will do it soon

|Hard Times|#1|


|Wall Street knows how to make money| Once, in the far XX century, evil scientists were the “bad boys”. Superheros had to save the world against the terrible plots of these crazy “nerds” in white gown. Nuclear weapons, disease, brain manipulation, that’s what these enemies were able to control. In the XXI century, the new […]