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|From process to outcome| The Brakke Grond is monthly hosting a series of lectures from This Happened Amsterdam. The subjects of lecture #6 was the process development of interaction design projects, and how the “making of” influences and drives the outcome towards unexpected conclusions. Speakers were: Weworkweplay Ubi de Feo with Hello Savants! Dries de […]

|With Desmond Germans| Creative Mornings is a platform organizing breakfast lecture about design, technologies, everything involving creativity and innovation. Everything started in NYC with Tina Roth Eisenberg (do you know Swiss Miss?). Thanks to the involvement of a lot of people and agencies, creative mornings are now held almost everywhere around the world. Last week […]

The Design Museum of Palazzo dell’Arte (known also as Triennale) is the most famous and known Italian design museum. First of all for its location, Milan, secondly also for its long and glorious story: the building was the location for the main modern furniture and architecture fairs of Italy, between 1933 and 1968. Last time, […]

Days 1&2 Exploring city interfaces Scenario creation Mumbai, 2050 Sheila is the institute director of the MiT Mumbai, but today she is a running bride. She is escaping her planned wedding, and she has a plan. With a hacked algorithm she can avoid the traffic of the busy streets of Mumbai by forecasting the patterns […]



Focus from distance Collecting – Reflecting – Judging A.D. 2012, Salone del Mobile, Milan. Can Pinterest become an effective tool for photo reporting and event coverage from distance? In this board I will collect the most interesting (give a broad definition to this adjective) products/services/events/etc coming out from Salone del Mobile. Can this event still […]

People in denial And again, I Saloni 2012. Hundred of thousands of “creative” people in Milan, to celebrate Design. To clap either to the same old masters, or fresh foreign folks, preferably from Sweden and the Netherlands. We want criticism, not celebration. We’ll see from tomorrow. But the prelude is not charming. The world is […]

First step: think about! Economic Crisis Social Crisis Democracy Crisis Revolution Crisis Environment Crisis Ideal Crisis Identity Crisis Everything stands still. But everything is changing. We can’t have certitude because complex mechanisms are working really fast in every corner of the world. Many issues seem to get worst, hopelessly. That’s because we desperately try to […]