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|From process to outcome| The Brakke Grond is monthly hosting a series of lectures from This Happened Amsterdam. The subjects of lecture #6 was the process development of interaction design projects, and how the “making of” influences and drives the outcome towards unexpected conclusions. Speakers were: Weworkweplay Ubi de Feo with Hello Savants! Dries de […]

Days 1&2 Exploring city interfaces Scenario creation Mumbai, 2050 Sheila is the institute director of the MiT Mumbai, but today she is a running bride. She is escaping her planned wedding, and she has a plan. With a hacked algorithm she can avoid the traffic of the busy streets of Mumbai by forecasting the patterns […]

|Future Energy scenarios| The energy market is undergoing great changes: the development of Smart Grid, energy distribution networks using ICTechnologies, will open new possibilities both for producers and consumers. Today Challenges Tomorrow The future production of electricity has to be based on R.E.S. or renewable energy resources, like sun or wind. This energy have a […]